Teacher's Manual

We have created a teaching manual that includes a series of syllabi that you can access in the system online. In this manual are a total of 48 hours of life and study skills curricula including lecture formats, exercises and discussion topics. All are fully integrated with Campus ToolKit to provide you with creative and engaging material.

Designed around you and your students

The overall purpose of these syllabi is to offer instructors an easy format so that they can give students the most exposure to assessments and information, but in a way that fits their own classrooms and lecture halls.

By completing these exercises, students are encouraged to interact fully with the system and develop a practical range of life and study skills.

Customized Use

Each syllabus is designed to be flexible, so that the specific pedagogical needs within your school and classroom can be accommodated. Feel free to pick and choose among available lecture topics, discussions and exercises to create a lesson plan that fits into your student demographic.

Click here to view a sample portion of the teacher's manual.