How to Graduate from College the Easy Way … and Other Popular Fairy Tales

Why college success in the real world is about hard work and knowing yourself. A practical, real-life, totally new approach to living happily ever after.

How to Graduate from College the Easy Way… And Other Popular Fairy Tales
  • Overview: The Keys to the Kingdom
  • Chapter One: Through the Wardrobe: Making the Transition to College
  • Chapter Two: Who's Writing Your Fairy Tale? (Locus of control, creating your own future)
  • Chapter Three: Know What You Want BEFORE You Get Your Three Wishes (Goal setting and motivation)
  • Chapter Four: Butcher, Baker or Candlestick Maker: College & Your Career
  • Chapter Five: Don't wait for Midnight: Time Management
  • Chapter Six: Excelling in The Classroom Without Being Grumpy, Sleepy or Dopey (Study skills)
  • Chapter Seven: Mirror, Mirror: the DISC assessment (Communication skills)
  • Chapter Eight: Kissing Frogs: Getting Along Using the PLSI (Temperament and personality)
  • Chapter Nine: Managing Your Pot of Gold (Financial skills)
  • Chapter Ten: Knights in Shining Armor: Getting Help

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