Pricing Overview

  • Cost for all school-personnel accounts: $0.00
  • Cost for training: $0.00
  • Cost for setup and customization: $0.00
  • Cost for reports and data management: $0.00

(you know what's coming...)

Improved Persistence, Student Satisfaction and Communication: Priceless!

The way we have structured the system allows it to be utilized by colleges without cost to the institution. The printed version of the system, which include access to all of the online materials and one or more of the printed texts, is intended to be sold as course material through the campus bookstore. The cost is far less than most textbooks and includes future upgrades and enhancements to the online system.

There are no charges to the school. All administrative user accounts, training, customization and reporting are provided at no charge. We are committed to making this low cost to the student, no cost to the school.

We offer volume discounts so contact us to have us work up a quote for you. Or click here to view our retail price for online purchases.