Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Campus ToolKit?

Campus ToolKit is a suite of success tools, assessments and information designed to increase student persistence. Find out more about Campus ToolKit in our overview section.

How much is Campus ToolKit?

There is no cost to the school to use Campus ToolKit. All staff accounts, training and customization are provided at no charge.

Student materials for Campus ToolKit are purchased by schools the same way standard textbooks are purchased. We deliver these materials to the bookstore where they can be bought by students. The packets include an enrollment key to our online system (which provides access to all of the tools in Campus ToolKit including the DISC temperament assessment, the Learning Styles Assessment and the Stress Barometer). If you choose to only use the online system, the students will receive a scratch off card with their access key. If you decide to use the companion textbook, the access key is bound into the book itself.

Schools most often choose to resell Campus ToolKit to their students as part of a course materials package. Alternatively, schools can choose to assess a course fee for Campus ToolKit or they can include it as part of tuition. Schools may choose to charge just enough to recoup some of the expense, all of the expense or they may choose to include a markup to fund other student retention activities. The entire package costs less than 50% of most textbooks but please contact us for our most current pricing. Quantity discounts are available.

For schools wishing to allow their students to purchase directly online, we can set that up for you. You can view current retail prices for that option here.

How long will my students have access to Campus ToolKit?

Enrollment keys never expire. Your students have access to the system as long as you want them to. You may choose to close their accounts after one-term, one-year or when they graduate.

Is Campus ToolKit data secure?

Our data center is a maximum security, carrier-class facility with advanced security, fault tolerant power systems (multiple power grids, facilities-based AS/DC battery backup, diesel generators). The center also has multiple OC-3 connections to several different backbones via a SONET ring for highly redundant connectivity. Full and differential backups are performed routinely using Veritas Backup Exec on ADIC DLT Autoloader equipment.

The entire Campus ToolKit web site uses 256-bit encryption over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for increased protection. Logging in to Campus ToolKit requires user authentication and data access is determined by account heirarchies.

In English: "Yes, your data is secure."

What happens to the data if we decide to stop using Campus ToolKit?

The data is yours. If you would decide to stop using Campus ToolKit we can export the data for you.

What doesn't Campus ToolKit do?

Campus ToolKit doesn't relieve students of their responsibility to be accountable for their own problems. Campus ToolKit administrators aren't responsible for solving problems FOR students. They are responsible for helping students to envision possibilities and to come up with their own solutions. Students still need to own the issues and do the work. Similarly, while Campus ToolKit is a powerful tool, it does not absolve appropriately charged staff and faculty from serving the needs of students.

What is the PLSI assessment?

The PLSI assessment is an incredibly valuable and detailed assessment of your personality, and will give you insight into many of your behaviors. Understanding your own and other personality types will help you throughout your life in any team environment, relationships with your co-workers, bosses and employees, and in your personal relationships.

You’ll find that you may react in surprisingly predictable ways, according to your type. Your tendencies will alter in a similarly predictable way:

  • At times of extreme stress.
  • At times of illness.
  • When you're exhausted.
  • At times when you must work closely and intensively with someone that has an opposite dominant function.
What is DISC?

There are many ways of categorizing people. However in our experience, the simplest, most effective way is by their temperament. We measure temperament by using the DISC instrument. (There are other instruments that also measure temperament.) The DISC classifies temperament into four groups:

  • D Driving
  • I Influencing
  • S Stabilizing
  • C Conscientious

Each temperament group will have at least one of the three other temperaments as “backup.” When you look at a DISC score the dominant temperaments are written in capital letters. For example, IScd would mean that I is the most dominant temperament followed by the S temperament. Variations in behavior will occur because of the second temperament. However, regardless of the second temperament, common characteristics of the dominant temperament can be seen.

Does Campus ToolKit integrate with … ?

Campus ToolKit is an independent website that is solely focused on student success skills. It is not meant to serve as a full student management system like Blackboard, Angel, Moodle or others. However, we offer direct sign-in capabilities for all LTI-compliant learning systems, which means students can log in to Blackboard, Angel, Moodle or others, click on a link to Campus Toolkit and be automatically logged in to our system.

More questions? Would you like to schedule an online demonstration or request a review copy of one of our books? Please contact us!