We have found that people look at retention intervention and student success in different ways. Some want to know the effect Campus ToolKit has had on people. Others want the bottom line. Although the Campus ToolKit suite is a new technology, there is a clear history of the component parts being very effective.

Looking only at the Interactive version's Stress Barometer tool for the moment, we know that it consistently helps identify students in crisis. There are multiple reports of students who used the comment section of the Stress Barometer to communicate problems that they might not otherwise feel comfortable doing. One of our students explains it this way:

"[ Campus ToolKit is ] Great. It gives me a comfort zone to express and gauge my feelings. I'm not one to ask for help but this gives me the freedom to speak thru e-mail first and that makes it easy. I'm going thru some tough times and I know I'm at a place where I need help."

Results: Two-year college in Indiana shows 45% increase in retention from one year to the next.

Results: College in Kansas posts 11% increase in retention.

Results: Indiana college reduces quarter-to-quarter attrition 12.7%.