Here's what schools have to say about us:

"We have used Campus Toolkit in our Freshman Seminar course for two years, and we are pleased with the product and the service we receive. First, the course content is excellent. There are knowledge modules for all the major topics in a Freshman Seminar course with many assessments linked into the narrative. Second, the entire CTK service is simply a textbook fee that is considerably more affordable for students than the textbook we used previously. Third, the reports built into Campus Toolkit allow us to make immediate, data-driven, decisions about the services we provide to our freshman class. Fourth, service at Campus Toolkit is EXCELLENT! Every issue we experienced over the previous two years was handled professionally and promptly. Most of the issues were handled within one hour of reporting them. I highly recommend Campus Toolkit!"
"You guys are amazing. I am sooooooooooooooooo happy with your product but more importantly with the service. Thank you."
"I continue to encourage the use of this product among my peers. As you know, change is difficult and this product is SO innovative that it will take some time to understand how great this system can be for us."

"One of the things that a couple of staff members said was that they really like the immediate feedback of results of the assessments. When students do the Stress Barometer they get something back right away. Or if they're doing one of the other tests, it's RIGHT THERE. They don't have to wait til somebody grades it or anything like that. And that students are communicating with one of the coaches that they're communicating with them right away trying to answer their questions and they felt like that was a great way to keep students connected. Especially outside of their classes. Especially at a community college, where students don't feel connected some of the time. It's not like being at a university where you're living in the dorm and you have a lot activities going on and there are sororities and fraternities and things like that. Sometimes you just drive in, and you drive out!

So, anyway, they're all very, very complimentary of that part of Campus ToolKit, and I feel exactly the same way."

"The customer service has been extremely professional. I’ve dealt with Mark and Heather, and they’ve been awesome."
"One of the things I liked about the system is the ease of use of the system."
"I've taken a quick look at the first 3 chapters and I LOVE your new book! Very impressive! Looks great!"
"Thanks for everything. I love the new book."
"We both are impressed with the book and would like to do the enhanced version so we can get the site and the book."

Here's what the students are saying:

"Campus ToolKit is a great idea for students who are stressed out in school, personal/ social, family life etc. Or if they aren't stressed out at all. The school's coaches are great and easy to talk to. I am glad someone is there to care about what's going on with school and personal stuff. If I didn't have the coaches to talk to I probably would keep all my feelings bottled up. Then school (for me) would be affected and I will not perform as well."
"I like the Campus ToolKit because it is a way of communicating with counselors without having to go directly to them. It is especially helpful since a lot of students are living away from home and trying to deal with a lot of stress. Instead of students feeling like they have no one to talk to, they have counselors who are there to make sure they find solutions for their problems."
"I really enjoyed Campus ToolKit. It's a chance for me to evaluate exactly how I'm feeling and that's hard to determine on my own sometimes. I am impressed by the response of the coaches and it makes me feel like I'm a valued person, not just another student. I look forward to Campus ToolKit every week."
"I think that Campus ToolKit is an excellent tool for both the school and the student. It allows the student to ask for help in a very discreet manner and keeps the school in very close contact with the students in order to help them though their crisis and continue their education. (by keeping the student in class and graduating)"
"Campus ToolKit has helped me to stay focused on what I want in life not just in school. It has also helped me to think about the good things and get past the bad things in my life. The coaches are very helpful if you want to talk to someone about what's going on in your life."
"I think Campus ToolKit is a wonderful way to tell someone how you feel, and not have them judge you. It is easier to say something to a computer than it is to tell someone face to face."
"At first, I thought it was kind of a waste of time, but when I was feeling a little upset it became a way for me to vent about it without losing my mind."