Increased Retention

How does it work?
Student retention is not a problem with a single answer. We have years of experience in senior school administration so we know the difficulties involved with tackling the issue. With this in mind, we have scoured the research literature and have gathered tools to provide a flexible and multi-faceted approach to improving retention.

According to Dr. Vincent Tinto (Distinguished University Professor at Syracuse University and Senior Scholar at the Pell Institute of the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education), research shows that there are five groups of conditions that promote increased retention and student success. The Campus ToolKit system, either directly or via one of its partners, works to help institutions drastically improve each of these conditions.

Campus ToolKit Features

  1. Expectations
    • High Expectations - expecting excellence
    • Validation - countering the myths
    • Providing role models
    • Effective advising
  2. Support
    • Academic support
    • Social support
    • Language support
    • Financial support
    • Personal support
  3. Feedback
    • Early assessment and placement
    • Early warning system
    • Classroom assessment of learning
    • Personal support
  4. Involvement
    • Contact with students, faculty and staff
    • Finding a supportive community
  5. Learning
    • Support for learning
    • Feedback about learning
    • Active involvement
    • Time on task