System Overview

Campus ToolKit is a suite of success tools, assessments and information designed to increase student persistence.

Online: The web-based portion of Campus ToolKit forges meaningful connections between students and their institution. This mentor relationship encourages better communication, early identification of at-risk students and increased student satisfaction.

The online system also assesses gaps in student knowledge, then gives them the tools, resources and knowledge modules to help build the skills they need. To learn more about the features of Campus ToolKit, please see the features page.

Textbooks: The Interactive online system may be used with or without our companion textbook. To learn more about the available texts, please see the textbooks page.

Campus ToolKit is often used in First-Year Experience, Freshmen Seminar and Student Success courses. It has also been successfully used in TRiO programs and as part of Lumina Foundation Grant programs.

To give you a quick overview of Campus ToolKit system, we offer online demonstrations. We can also schedule personalized demonstrations for individuals and committees. Contact us or call toll-free 877.303.3023 for more information.