• Assess student stress levels

    Using the Stress Barometer algorithm, the system monitors student stress levels. This information can lead to early intervention with problems before they become overwhelming to the student.

  • Address the most common student needs

    Our materials cover study skills, critical thinking, communication skills, goal-setting, motivation, procrastination, learning styles, career options, stress management and more.

  • Provide students with increased self-awareness and communication skills

    Using tools such as the LASSI, DISC, PLSI, two different career assessments and a Sensory Learning Styles assessment.

  • Provide students with solid college success skills

    How to Graduate from College the Easy Way ... and Other Popular Fairy Tales was written to seamlessly integrate with the online assessments and tools. One of the available companion texts, Making Your Mark, has sold over 1,000,000 copies at more than 1,200 educational institutions across North America . There is also a guide to study skills available.

  • Provide a one-stop-shop for all student questions, academic and otherwise

    The Freshman experience is often one of great change. Campus ToolKit takes some of the uncertainty out of the situation by providing an online area where students know they can get guidance on ALL of their questions. The system provides students with a mentor relationship – someone who is looking out for them.

  • Demonstrate Institutional Commitment

    Research tells us that if a school is able to demonstrate commitment to students, those students are much more likely to stay in school. Everything about Campus ToolKit is designed to demonstrate that the school cares about its students.

  • Increase communication

    How are your students most comfortable communicating? The online environment of Campus ToolKit provides 24/7 access to students in a communication environment they use comfortably.

  • Provide students with a mentor

    Mentoring has been proven to increase retention. The Campus ToolKit Interactive Version is the first technology that enables schools to create mentoring relationships with large numbers of students.

  • Built-in flexibility

    We have designed our system to work in YOUR system. For example, schools using Campus ToolKit can turn certain features on or off and add custom information. We'll even customize the login page to reflect your school's branding.

  • Cost Effective

    There are no charges to the school and the student materials cost from a third to half as much as many textbooks.

  • Free upgrades

    Once a student buys the system they automatically receive any new features or system upgrades at no additional cost.