Privacy & Security

Privacy and Security are two absolutely critical considerations for schools using web-based systems such as ours. We understand that and have designed Campus ToolKit with those considerations in mind.

When you login to our system, you will notice that it is a secure-site, just like online banking and retail sites. Students create a userid and password to access Campus ToolKit and, as part of the terms of service, the students agree to make the information they share in the system available to your school's registered staff. This allows you to control who has access to the students' information and it also addresses right-to-privacy questions. Once in the system, students can also use the preferences settings to control what information they choose to share with others.

Physical security of the data is also critical to us. The Campus ToolKit database is maintained at our data center, which is a maximum security, carrier-class facility with advanced security, fault tolerant power systems (multiple power grids, facilities-based AS/DC battery backup, diesel generators). The center also has multiple OC-3 connections to several different backbones via a SONET ring for highly redundant connectivity. Full and differential backups are performed routinely using Veritas Backup Exec on ADIC DLT Autoloader equipment.

We worry about all of those technical details so you can concentrate on your students. All they need to access the system is an internet connection and a web browser. If they can get on to Google, Yahoo! or AOL, they can use Campus ToolKit